Skin Tag Remover No Tag Backs

Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in Health

Your body changes continually as you get older and you move from having pimples to skin tags and looking for a skin tag remover that works without making it known to all. Surely you remember the early years of high school? Any blemish that others could see was enough to make you crawl under a huge rock and even there, you were afraid it would be seen. Can you believe you have reached a place in your adult life where you once again have to deal with ugly skin issues? I know for many people they don’t have such tags until they get into their 40′s.

The fact is the tags are not attractive. Who wants to rub soft skin and feel little bumps that protrude off intimate parts of your body? Skin tags don’t really hurt, but they can be emotionally distressing. There are several different methods for getting rid of these pesky flaps of skin. These methods range from medical means to home remedies. A medical doctor may seem like the surest way, but that’s also the most expensive and timely route. It’s a good idea to weight your options and consider what others have to say about removing them yourself or going to the doctor to have them removed.

It seems the general opinion for removing skin tags is by utilizing a home remedy. Some people choose to simply cut them off with a sterilized tool: scissors, nail clippers, razor blade, etc. Another method involves liquid nitrogen which freezers the annoying tags off. Tying them off with a thin piece of thread, fishing line, or even hair is another option: tie the thread and the blood supply is cut off resulting in the tag drying out and falling off. There are also skin tag lotions available that aid in removal.

Many sufferers are excited about natural healing oils that are all pro and no con unlike the other methods. They are completely satisfied and are testifying of their amazing results. The tags disappear without pain, scarring, irritation, and they do not return to haunt you. Healing Natural Oils is the way to go for a permanent tag remover. This is a “Tag, you’re it, no tag backs” product!

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About pre-activity stretching

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Health

I have read a couple of interesting articles on pre-activity stretching over the past year or so, & would like to hear your opinion on the subject on how to increase your vertical jump. The articles I am referring to quoted a number of studies from the US and Australian military which demonstrated a decrease in injury rates when static stretching was NOT performed before physical activity. There was not a clear explanation of these results, but the ‘theory’ was that static stretching introduced a sufficient degree of ‘slack’ in the muscles, ligaments and tendons to increase the risk of injury. This ‘slack’ was also said to reduce the athletes’ power in the physical activities that followed the static stretching. A group that performed a regular static stretching program at a time OTHER than immediately before physical activity had the lowest injury rates among the test groups. What are your thoughts on this issue?!

Ok, first off there is some credible research behind the idea that static stretching prior to training will decrease muscle strength temporarily. But the fact is if you have a chronically short/tight muscle, it will inhibit the antagonist as well. So if your chest is tight, for example, you will have neuromuscular inhibition of the scapular retractors to some degree. The pectoralis major is an internal rotator of the arm. Tightness of this muscle can inhibit the external arm rotators (rotator cuff). Inhibition of the rotator cuff can decrease stability of the shoulder and increase injury potential. So, generally this research may be correct, but the application of this theory is not clearly defined. I fully support the idea of stretching muscles that tend to be tight in certain sports. In volleyball, for example, generally players will have tight hamstrings, quads, hip rotators, chest, lats, and abs. These tight muscles will alter proper joint mechanics and must therefore be stretched prior to playing to decrease joint and soft tissue stress. A good question to ask the researchers of the studies you mentioned would be, “Did you identify specific muscles that needed to be stretched on an individual basis, or did you prescribe a general stretching routine to everyone?”

For another question about increasing to vertical jump you can see this article: Exercises to increase vertical jump

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Aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy massage oils, aromatherapy diffusers

Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Health

Aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy massage oils, aromatherapy diffusers

Aroma therapy is a very peculiar type of treatment using fragrance. The fragrance makes available by preparing the essence, extracts or oils from the plants and flowers. They are considered as the medicinal energy from the plants. The patients are advised to inhale the fragrance for a considerable period to have physical and mental wellbeing.

There are various types of treatment using these essential oils from plants and flowers. Aromatherapy is only one among them. For the treatment of Aromatherapy high grade quality essential oils are required. Substandard essential oils cannot give proper result in the prescribed time limit. So, it is essential to use very pure and high class natural essential oils for the treatment of Aromatherapy. Care should be taken to avoid adulterated and synthetic perfumes in place of essential oils. They are dangerous to health and body if given for inhaling treatment. Hence it is advised to use only ‘Young Living Therapeutic Grade’ (YLTG) essential oils for the purpose of Aromatherapy.

When the fragrances from the Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils are inhaled it is passed through the respiratory systems to the lungs and from there through nervous system it passes to brain. The special ingredients of the essential oils enable the brain and body to emit negative factors which create fatigue to the body and mind. The patient becomes energetic and enthusiastic after the treatment. He can attain a tension free body and mind.

Commonly Aromatherapy is performed in two ways. The first one is by inhaling fragrance from the essential oils and the other is by using the same for local application on the body. This is decided with respect to the nature of treatment required to have a positive result within a short time. Aromatherapy can be performed by adopting certain techniques in the case of inhaling treatment with essential oils.

The first step is to allow the patient to smell the fragrance directly from the bottle containing the essential oils. Another method is to smell the same indirectly. In this type the vapors from the bottle containing essential oil is allowed to come out. Then the vapor spreads the smell through out the room and enables the patient to breathe the medicinal qualities of the vapor. In certain times the essential oil can be sprinkled over a tissue paper or cotton and allowed to inhale along with steam coming out. In other cases some drops of the essential oils are directly poured in to boiled water and advice the patient to inhale the vapors directly for some time.

In the case of local application care should be taken to read the usage manual of the product beforehand. Some oils can be applied directly to the body where as some others only after dilution. Application of the oil to the affected area can be performed by using palms and fingers. Rubbing the affected area in a circular motion using palms and fingers simultaneously with the application of the oil will give much relief to the patient. This process can be repeated if needed.

Thus the Aromatherapy has been getting too much recognition among people world wide.

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